This is the fun part. We may not be the best at parkour, freerunning, tricking, flips off a pogo stick, toe hangs off a 35 foot rafter, or ridiculous outdoor tumbling, but at least we can edit some video to the music, and we have a lot of fun between injuries. High five.

Danger 1: In the summer of 2006, former MIT pole vaulters Nate and Nestor watched the famous “russian climbing” video, and figured they ought to try some of that stuff. They figured out wall flips, and tried some other terrible ideas that people suggested. Afterword, Nate edited the first MIT Danger video together with some extra pole vault footage spliced in, just to show where we all came from originally.

[wordpress video deleted, youtube re-upload coming eventually]

Danger 2: Shortly after Danger 1, a bunch of people came out to do flips. Eventually we got the guts to try a bunch more stuff outside, acquired some ridiculous equipment like giant pogo sticks, and tried to get a helmet cam to work.

Danger 3: With the addition of a couple NCAA All-American gymnasts, the tumbling quotient at MIT Danger went up a lot. Also, we became dissatisfied with jumping off of things and relying on inherent explosiveness to get the height for a good flip, so we started throwing each other in the air as high as possible. With enough timing and coordination, it turns out six people can throw a gymnast about 20 feet in the air. Double backs = no problem! Special thanks go out to the high jump and pole vault pits for saving a lot of lives.

Danger 4: The 4th of July in Boston is a special celebration punctuated with a lot more fanfare than the average city, what with all the history and all. So it’s a good time to go try a bunch of flips with an audience around. At least it gives them something to watch while waiting for the fireworks. The high point of the day was the comment from Chris: “What are you going to do, climb up, backflip off the 13 foot railing, and then run off like you’ve got someplace to go?” So then we did that and made a video about it.

Danger 5: Enter the year 2009. A lot of graduations, startings of companies, projects, track coaching, and other distractions keep 2 years of footage from getting edited into a coherent video. Here it is, complete with footage shot by a legitimate Emmy-award winning director! If any of the shots in this one look particularly good, we’ve got her to thank. If any of them look particularly bad, it’s because after 3 years we’re still not all that amazing at flips. But we try really hard, and that’s what counts.

A special thanks goes to Tom Cronan and the MIT Athletic Trainers [past and present] for healing many of our injuries, endured through legitimate and less legitimate athletic activities alike!

Also check out a classic MIT Danger human flag competition. Nate Ball won on time, but Nate Sharpe won on form.

5 Responses to “Videos”

  1. Mom Powelson said

    I hope you have outgrown this Stephen while you are still in one piece!

  2. Mr. Roach said

    I used this in my middle school science class as a fun Friday wrap-up. I started with the Nova Science Now bio clips, and then went to Nate’s website to investigate more. Kids loved it – the girls thought you all were “cute” and the boys couldn’t wait to go home and injure themselves. More importantly, engineers are no longer viewed as boring nerds who do math inside all day. Thanks!

  3. Chris said

    I think it would be neat if you guys played a game of life-sized foozball! You line up and do consecutive backflips propmted by a light controlled by a real foozball table outfitted with sensors in the handles. The actual location of the ball can be mapped back to the foozball table with an array of LED’s, or even some flatscreen monitors put together, or an ipad or something. UNLESS you MIT students don’t think you are capable of putting it together…. 🙂

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