This page includes some extras and related links, descriptions, videos and awesome stuff like that. To begin with, here is an awesome trailer about the MIT Prom Vault, where on August 29, 2009, intrepid pole vaulters dressed in black tie attire will hold an epic competition of strength and skill. Awesome.

THE SHARPE BROTHERS of MIT Danger non-fame are AMAZING and have a new video from

Sharpe Attack!

Videos from the Patriot Pole Vault Club’s Vaultarama 3, August 15, 2009. Short of “heights under the lights,” we had to bring in the automobiles to illuminate the box, and completed many subsequent heights over the lights. The competition was won by Stephane Diaz of France, with a jump of 5.20 m (17′ 0.75″), on a 15-6 165 carbon.

Stephane at his opening height of 4.60:

Stephane over 4.90 (it was too dark to film when he cleared 5.20 for the win):

Nate over 4.90:

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